Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day activity

I just wanted to share a little thing we've done every presidential election day with Lizi, and now with Lydia. After we go out and vote, we come home and print out a map of the US. Then, as the election results come in, we color in the states appropriately. I think it helps teach geography and time zones (but usually digresses into a discussion of our electoral system and how outdated it is). If you'd like to try it, you may find a printable map here.

And please go out and vote. Tomorrow I would like to be able to say "The people have spoken"; not "The media has spoken and the people mindlessly repeated in unison".


springtreeroad said...

awesome! what a great idea!

i hope you get to say what you'd like to say, instead of hitting your noggin and saying, "doh!"

Sharon said...

I told Tim that I don't want to watch any of the media tonight. I just want to wake up, and to hear the results. He on the other hand wants to watch it, as he considers it more like a football game. (LOL- which I enjoy sleeping through too) If I recall correctly, the last election, when I woke up it was still "unknown". Good idea on the coloring a map thing. It gets the little ones involved.